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Into the Cata Heroics

Apr. 9th, 2011 | 02:03 am

Geeez, once you start raiding, you REALLY do lose track of time, the last time I posted is like...when Cata came out for like 2-3 weeks? When we were just about to start raiding?

Things have changed drastically since then. Well for a start, while still a lot of people out there crying out contents are too hard, for most people, clearing 12/12 normal in raid are no longer an issue, and you can see Dark Pheonix now flying around everywhere.

We are currently 5/13 in the HC raid. The HC are so much fun, really have no idea why people didn't enjoy it, many of the fight have much more detailed mechanics then ICC fights. Currently progressing on Omnitron, and OMG that is a wipe fest, but I am sure we will down it at some point.

HC dungeons are a joke now, can pretty much run through one and carry the other 2 dps through now, although most of the time I'd rather do a guild run, or at least with Baccus, so I know the run will always be painless for me. The new ZA/ZG coming out in 4.1 I am hoping they are harder than current ones, otherwise it would be a huge disappointment.

Finally they are doing something about the LFD queue time (particularly for DPS), however I am not too sure this idea will work. Bribing people to go tank for LFD (solo only), in theory, it creates more tanks, less dps (some of those dps went to become tanks), hence, faster queues. Howver, firstly, not all tank can be bribed with those, so for those tank they most likely will still stick to the guild runs. It will creat a lot of incapable "tanks" that think they can tank, even in Wrath you can see one or two of those sometimes, now after this change we might see a few more in Cata dungeons, great!!! More over, the "weekly cap" system, I know for myself, I am going to grab Baccus to do 7 runs on Wednesday as soon as the CD is off, and I am sure many will do so. The problem of this is, if the people in the first run are capable, we likely to keep them and run all 7 runs together, and boot the useless ones. This mean the queue isn't really helping on those days, as the tank will stick to same people for 7 runs (and people waiting will still be waiting), and much less tank availabilities on later days.

Elemental Shaman are getting buffed, again!!!! Well, at least it is better than getting nerfed, but constantly being buffed means we really must be that under par (with the exception of Frost Mages prehaps?). We are getting a Living Bomb like ability for our Fire Nova, not sure how it will work out yet, if it work out nicely I think a lot of people will get rid of Earth Quake since it is hardly used.

Alt now hit 85 also and raid ready, helping out Hoof in PH for when I am needed or when advices are needed. While raid ready, no where as powerful as my main though (348 vs 364 ilvl), need to get used to this "suddenly becoming weak again" moments especially when enter BWD (normal) again in this gear, but slowly getting upgrade through various means, let's see, may be one day this alt will be on standard raider level, well, in Lightbringer's standard of course :P

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Raise Again, Raid Again

Dec. 22nd, 2010 | 01:34 pm

Tribbe finally decided to start the 25 man raid again.

Outside BWD, Tribbe was checking everyone's gear before they would even get an invite, anyone without proper gems, enchancts, won't make it into the raid. Food (cheap-ish), potions (still affordable) and flasks (bloody 300g a pop) are expected from everyone.

Started with Omnitron Defence System, at first the fight seems fairly impossible, I was thinking this could take a lock out to even get used to, but we gotten used to the fight fairly quickly and downed the boss that night, and I got my mail chest :D

Magmaw was a little bit more of a problem, the adds live a lot longer than expected, and I must confess I have failed on the flame pillar a couple of times /blush. Only had about 3 tries that night, went back on Sunday somehow we suddenly do a lot better and downed it that night (still hate that fight). This is one of the fight, I wish I'd kept EQ, which would be quite nice for the AoE part, so I ended up gylphing my CL and use that as some form of AoE instead.

Then Maloriak, kind of an interesting fight, funny part is this fight is much much easier than the previous 2. We managed to downed it like 4th try, and I got my mail boots, RAWR!!! Straight away changed the tabard to Wildhammer as I won't need to grind Earthen Ring rep for that boots now. Again the poison phrase, required large amount of AoE, I swear I am going to talent EQ back just for these situations. Again I just used Gylphed CL and used Fire Elemental during that phrase to burn it off quickly.

Tried Baradin Hold myself, and no shammy drop, what a surprise!!! The fight itself isn't hard, at least in terms of mechanics, it was more a pure dps race against the enrage timer. The flame phrase was easily countered by SWG, what a lovely spell :P

Finally the material prices had gone down, and I have my JC and LW to 510 so I can start using their bonuses, also started cooking and hope to max that one fairly soon, at least that one seems very cheap to level.

HC runs now started to get very easy, even HoO only had 1 wipe and that was due to stupidity. However getting into a bad group can still mean hours of headaches though, to those runs me and Resurrection usually just make an excuse and leave (well, Ress usually just go "screw this" and leaves).

Next week is Christmas so no official raid, however I am sure I can squeeze in a day or 2 for some quick 10 man runs, let's hope we can push it futher and down a few more bosses before other guilds, afterall realm 5th is just not good enough >:P

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Dec. 13th, 2010 | 01:40 pm

Finally it is here.

On Tuesday when I log on, I was shocked to see a queue of 1800+ and had to wait for a couple of hours before I can get on, to shock me even futher, when I got on some guildies already hit 85.

Leveling on Sylvanas has been quite interesting, and I finally experienced the difference between leveling on a PvE server and a PvP server. Started off the Mount Hyjal route as my friend warned me about Vashj'ir route was a gang fest. Went over to Mount Hyjal route, and what did I see? Gang fest. How lovely.

A lot of netural fraction at starting point, it is very funny to see people standing very close to quest NPC, while someone from opposite fraction come to try click on NPC they click on the eprson instead, which attacked the person resulting in all the guards came in and gang the person.

My 277 gear lasted me a fair long way, was depressing when I replaced my first piece, the Dreamy 25 HC cape, to a 316 quest reward from Deepholm. Most of the gear eventually got replaced by Lv84 when I started doing more dungeons, however I am still awaiting a worth while piece to replace my 277 DFO.

The new dungeons are interesting, most of them are very fun, and very different from the dungeons in WotLK. Most of them tends to be very long, nothing like LK style 15min dungeons, and most of the dungeon bosses have some mechanics to stop dps spam kill, which makes it even more interesting. Started to HC dungeons as soon as my ilvl hit 330+, they were a totally different story. Bosses in HC no longer just have more health and hits harder, they now have new abilities, much more unforgiving mechanics, Shadowfang Keep for example, without a decent interupter, you can forget about getting pass the first boss. While frustrating to wipe in a HC dungeon, it feels refreshing in a way, that dungeons are actually hard, and it will force people play it more like a mini-raid, no more half-ass attitude in a dungeon.

Everything is stupidly over priced at the moment, but that is to be expected, as supply can no way handle the demand right now. Some of the green quality new gems sells for 170g a piece (Nightstone), the new cloth (which drops like 3-6 from a single mob, very easy to farm) sells for like 80g a stack. There are already some epics on AH, most sells for about 20-25k each, crazy!!! I am holding off profession leveling at the moment, as I dread to see the cost of leveling JC and LW at the current given prices, I will start them ASAP though when the price settles a little, at least to the stage where I can start getting benefits from the profession bonuses.

When Blizzard said they will make sure we won't hit the haste cap in this expansion, they really meant it, I am still having difficulty adjusting to 1.7sec LB cast. The new shammy abilities are really nice. While Unleash Element isn't powerful enough to add to our standard rotation, it is great for single target trash, as well as another usable spell while moving. Spirit Waler's Grace is amazing in the right situation, however I still need to try to use it more often so it will feel natural to use it, at the moment it still feels really weird to use it.

Guild has already done Tol Barad, it's like the new VoA, apparently it is very easy as guildies just 1 shotted it. Tribbe want to start raiding ASAP, assuming people are ready in terms of gear, gems and enchants, med supply, and researching on boss tactics online, I personally can't wait, however I am not too sure about being raid ready by Thursday, while gems and enchants and such are easy to handle, getting all the BiS HC dungeon gear might be a bit of a problem, looks like there will be a lot of dungeon spamming in these couple of days. And when I have all the necessary gear, it will be time to start fixing the hit rating, hit cap at 85 is still so far away, but then there is always reforging.

So far catacylm seems promising, hard HC dungeons, no more handing out free epics, let's hope all these can be kept up for the expansion.

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The Shattering - round 2

Nov. 29th, 2010 | 10:52 pm

Finally managed to get on Sylvanas a few time. Stormwind have changed so much, however, it just made it even more complicated than before, and attracted a lot more people than before, hence, I am going to be an old man and stick to my Iron Forge.

Perdition has got Bane of the Fallen King, congratz to them. Unfortunately I won't be getting that anytime soon, as we will need to use it for the 25 man grind, damn the same lock out on 10 and 25 >:( altho may be I can at least tag along for a couple of drake achievement run on my alt, hope to get the drake on my alt too before Cata.

Done the Peacebloom vs Ghoul quest, kinda hard, but fun. Got the singing sunflower pet, and went on youtube to research about the song, and got that song totally in my head now, been singing it in my head all day long at work, not good not good.

Haven't really exploring too much otherwise, I am sure there will be plenty of chances when Cata comes out, as you will have to go around all these places, and it will be much easier then as we will be able to fly in Azeroth. Although one thing concern me is, does that mean people can just fly straight to the boss in opposing city now and head straight to the boss? That is going to cause some problem with city leaders....

Been looking at the Cata achievements, there is a dungeon achievements needed that would reward a volcanic drake, but reading the achievement, doesn't seem like you need to do them in HC, so may be doable on normal (which usually much easier to complete an achievement), which I think is weird in a way, will see if they change that when Cata comes out. But me and Lili are planning to set up a static group, may be we can try tackle these achievements fast, as I want the new mount :P

Ress is finally back in game, although he missed out entire 4.0.1 patch, so it will take him some time to get used to the new spec as well as the new world, hopefully we can all raid again when he is ready. Lili is leveling another alt mage, so looks like we can have a nice alt team forming on LB on a non raid day :)

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The Shattering

Nov. 25th, 2010 | 01:23 am

Finally, The Shattering has come.

As soon as I log on, I have noticed the talent reset. Searing totem range has now been increased with elemental talent, which has been long waited for, shame the totem itself is still stupid as hell, unless you put it right up to the mob, otherwise it won't attack unless you landed FS on a target first.

Earthquake has now a much nicer animation, no longer some sort of cookie crumble. Damage has now been fixed also, and scales with spell power as originally intended.

Couldn't log onto Sylvanas since it was full, so spent most of the time on my alt (which is on Horde side). Orgrimmar has changed a lot, need to get used to navigating around again. Goblin reputation can now be obatined, and thair racial mount is a nice bike, so been wearing the tabard and running lots of random dungeons, about half way through Revered now.

Gammon in Orgrimmar, one of the NPC that has been constantly abused by players, has now become Lv85 elite, with 1.9 million health. Took like half the Orgrimmar on it in order to bring it down, and it dropped 18 coppers, yay!!!

Unchained Magic has finally been fixed, sad panda it is. Looks like I will have to be more careful again when it come to Sindragosa. Well, it was fun while it lasts :D

Haven't noticed if the sound bug and the water bug been fixed yet, didn't spend much time testing those, but I guess in a day or 2 it will come clear.

Servers suddenly went down about 1am, even WoW-Europe is downed (hence I have so much time to write this), so looks like I will have to continue my Shattering exploration tomorrow.

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4.0.3 - pre-patch for The Shattering

Nov. 21st, 2010 | 12:02 am

For some strange reason, when I tried to download the patch, my internet will disconnect, I will have to reset my internet for it to work again. I can use the internet and everything else fine, just not WoW Launcher, for some strange reason, eventually read a few post on Google apparently a few people had this issue and got it resolved. But that delayed my log in time so I missed ICC on my alt, dammit!!!

Patch 4.0.3 did not have anything new added, just a pre-patch ready for 4.0.3a, The Shattering, which I believe is next week. There are some minor bug fixed in this patch also, like inspecting had be fixed, but some of the more obvious bugs are still there, like the sound delay and Elemental shammy cannot get Unchained Magic (I am not complaining about that one though).

The Elemental Invasion had died down significantly, people can't really be bothered with them anymore. Iron Forge is still bugged, no rift spawning, so I will have to actually go hunt down rift for [Tripping The Rift] on my main. Orgrimmar isn't so bad, still being defended from time to time, Thunder Bluff on the other hand was horrid, I can't even remember the last successful defend for TB (I needed the air boss for neck on alt but TB never got defended).

Tribbe decided not to extend ICC lock out this week and try to get everyone the achievements they need, while doing so I finally got full set T10.9, yay!!! Still missing bracer and belt upgrade but doesn't look like I will get it before Cataclysm, mainly want the belt upgrade so I will be in all red coloured gear (everything is red except belt is still blue...). I cannot make it next farm night, so I have 1 more farm night after that before cata hits, so may be I can get lucky then?

Didn't pre-order my Catacylm, as you need a loyalty card to even pre order in Game, so screw that, but shouldn't need to pre order as it is a big release and they are stocking it heavily, so hoping I can just turn up that day and get one (even took half day off work so I can get there before all the school kids muahahaha!!!!)

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Elemental Attacks!!!!

Nov. 17th, 2010 | 01:40 am

Here come phrase 4 of the pre-Cataclysm event!!!! Now in Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Iron Forge and Stormwind, every 2-3 hours there will an elemental invasion happening, completing these events will grate access to some new event bosses.

The event starts with NPC shouting an attack is incoming, after a while you will start seeing elementals in the city (Fire and Earth in Orgrimmar and Iron Forge, Water and Air in Thunderbluff and Stormwind). They start off fairly weak, even my alt shammy can nuke one down rather easily, but nuking them down is not the main objective. You have to pick up some barricader from boxes, and lay them in positions with a red arrow on them throughout the city (about 60 of them), once all 60 barricaders are in place, phrase 2 begins.

Phrase 2 involves each city divides into sections, each section will have a number of elemental rift and a number os stuck citizens that you have to rescue. These elementals are a lot harder, if you just let them smack you around you likely to end up dead, classes that can heal themselves are rather lucky here, but usually people shout to form raids anyway so even classes that cannot heal, or classes that can only heal, should have no problems at all. These are the same elemental rift as the ones you needed to complete achievement [Tripping The Rift], doing this event is much easier than travel around the world and try to find them, hence during the event you see lots of achievement spam.

Once all sections secured (all citizen rescued and no rift left), you will get access to 2 event bosses depends on the city it was - Fire and Earth for Orgrimmar and Iron Forge, Water and Air from Stormwind and Thunder Bluff, which will be available for 30min only. They are basically vanilla dungeon bosses, just tuned up for Lv80s. Most of them are push overs really, except the water boss - The hydra in Zul Farrak (hits hard-ish with AoE frost bolts), have caused a few people some issue, but if you have a decent healer it isn't that bad.

They drop 251 items, different name and skin but same stat from ICC 10 normal bosses, not bad for some last minute alt gearing up, but they are generally gear from the earlier bosses so mostly worthless to raiding characters. Except tanks that never had luck with the shield from gunship now have a chance to spam the boss.

Tomorrow will be patch 4.0.3, but it wont be The Shattering yet, that will come in patch 4.0.3a, since the similarity between the 2 patches I assume the 4.0.3a should be just next week or the week after? But that should be interesting to see Azeroth getting destroyed. Tomorrow patch have minimum patch note, either Blizzard is hiding the information til last minute, or tomorrow's patch is just a pre-patch for downloading some of the elements for the Shattering, but we should find out tomorrow.

Even if it isn't shattering at least some class change would be nice, Shaman in PTR now have increased Searing Totem range with [Elemental Precision], although the totem itself is still rather stupid - does not attack unless you have attacked a target before laying the totem, will primarily attack the target with FS on (what if I didn't use FS?), if multiple target has FS on it will stay on original target til that FS runs out, then switch to new target with FS. Oh well, at least the range has been increase so no more run forward just to lay the totem :)

Let's hope it will be more than just pre-data download for the patch tomorrow.

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Cataclysm Incoming!!!!

Nov. 15th, 2010 | 02:21 am

So the date is set, December the 7th, that is the day Azeroth will fall apart. Many pre-launch quests and achievements already around to lead up to the launch day, some of the quests are reasonably interesting, like the one where you have to use the 3 abilities (water, fire, and some sort of wind spear thingy) to wipe out water, fire and earth elementals that tried to attack a shield, but some of the quests just involve you to go around talking to people. And the achievement [Tripping The Rift] involve you to travel around, looking for rifts and kill the elementals that it spawns, the rifts have long respawn time (which will decrease as Cata come near) and 10min despawn time, so involve you to either be lucky, or spending some good time looking for them, I myself rather give that a miss (not like it does anything worth while anyway).

Raise Again are now on full LK25 HC spam, to try down it before Cataclysm hits. At first it seems a goal with very slim chance as we barely made out of the first transition phrase alive. But over this last week we managed to get to a stable phrase 2 with best try at 47%, if this improvement continues, we still have a good chance for the Light of Dawn title before Cataclysm hits the shelves.

There is a discussion about changing name and possible DKP system in Cataclysm, name wise, everyone know who we are so I don't see the point of changing, but then, may be a good time to change the guild name to something more catchy as well as a good chance to spell the guild name correctly :D DKP system wise, I am always pro-DKP system so I am rather happy to stay as it is, but some officers pointed out some people saved up lots of DKP then disappear for a period of time, there need to be a system so that those people will lose priority over people that might be newer but come on a regular basis.

Perdition now have stopped 25 man raid until Cataclysm, and concentrating on 10HC as well as drake achievements, will need to squeeze myself in a few runs, if I am lucky may be even my alt can get a ICC drake before Cata :D

Shaman now seems to be a more recognised class now that it had a buff, the down side is, looks like there will be a mass of clueless Shaman leveling up, as you can constantly see in /2 "what is good gem for Shaman" "what level Shaman get xxxx", this is going to be fun when they hit 80 (or 85). And looks like we are getting even more adjustment next patch, Searing Totem range will be increased with the Elemental Precision talent, which would be good, as our casting range is constantly being limited by our totem range.

Meta gem wise there is also an unwelcomed change. Chaotic Diamond requirement now need you to have mnore blue gem than red gem, put Cataclysm gear aside for the moment, right now, screw that!!! Since I am majority red and orange gemmed, in order to get the meta activated I need to sarcrifice too much int to get that 3%, right now it is just not worth it. However things might change in cataclysm, depends on how much Spirit/Hit I will need to gem (since the new hit cap at 85 is like 1700+), and another possibility is what colour would Mastery be. If Mastery is blue gem, then things may be rather easily handled, just need a few pure blue mastery gems in blue socket and a couple of purple mastery/int gem in red socket then that should solve the problem, but we will see when Cataclysm hits.

Overall the most worry change is still the 10 vs 25 raid dropping same gear, with 25 man much more harder to organise, more likely to get braindead people, and 25 man fight generally harder than their 10 man counterpart, Sindra HC, Blood Princes HC, Professor HC, LK HC come to mind straight away, where the 25 man fight noticably harder than the 10 man version, will 25 man still be worth while? They said 25 man will drop more loot per person, at the moment I am assuming 2 pieces per boss in 10 man (0.2 loot/person) and may be 6 pieces per boss in 25 man (0.24 loot/person), there isnt really much difference at all, at least not worth the hassel of organisation and a much harder fight. They will need to give 25 man some bonuses that cannot be obtained from 10 man, title, mount, or may be each boss have 1 item that doesnt drop in 10 man, anything, 25 man needed the extra boost otherwise it really isn't worth doing. If things are exactly the same, with 10 man being obviously easier like it is now, I think I would rather stick to 10 man runs only also, it is much more likely to get a couple of retards in a 25man run than a 10man run, just not worth it, but we will see if Blizzard can make the diffculty and reward proportion to justify 25 man run, they will need to tone up the reward and tone down the difficulty on 25man though.

Well, we will have to wait for December 7th and see, looks like Azeroth really will fall apart when Cataclysm hits....

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Shammy post patch 4.0.1

Nov. 5th, 2010 | 07:05 pm

People always say Elemental Shaman cannot dps, in some way, it was true. Blizzard cannot make us anymore powerful due to some of the buff we provide (totems, Blood Lust/Heroism), however, it all changed since this current patch.

To start off with, they are giving Mages Blood Lust (Time Warp), in return for giving out our most powerful buff, we got a huge buff ourselves.

Fulmination is very nice and powerful, however it will need constant monitor of your Lightning Shield charge. Lava Burst can be use soooo often now (random CD reset during the 8sec CD timer), and can now even be overloaded. And soon at Lv81 we will even get another instant cast spell (with 15sec CD) that will boost our next LvB hit, can't wait to see that, although it will heavily depends on the buff it gives LvB vs if we use the GCD to cast another LB would that be better.

Many things are being changed at constant basis. Looking like next patch our Searing totem will have standard cast range, which would be awesome, no more run in up close just to lay a totem. Reforging is another interesting change, it gives you slightly more flexibility over some not-so-best gear, and the new stat Mastery is really cool, it control our Overload %, new Overload is now 75% and incuding Lava Burst, so more OL is always very worth while.

At the moment Elemental Shaman are bugged at Sindragosa fight, we cannot get Unchain Magic!!! Which is fun to see everyone else get unchain and I have nothing to worry about. Even funnier when I did Sindragosa with Perdition on 10man, only me and a mage are casters, let's just say the mage spent 90% of the time standing there looking pretty.

Progression wise Raise Again still stuck at LK25 HC, at least we mostly wipe during second phrase now, at least that is a good start. Also completed all the ICC25 achivements, now we are all riding our Icebound Frostwyrm, yay!!! We have downed RS10 HC, which is epic, shame I missed the LK10 HC kill though /cry

Got a new monitor for birthday, used it for a day and my HD died, got it sorted now working on getting everything back on (and re-installing WoW of course), 2GB left til I am back in game, come on faster...

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Incoming Patch 4.0.1

Oct. 12th, 2010 | 11:12 pm

Finally patch 4.0.1 is coming tomorrow!!! Can't wait til all those yummy new spells.

Already had a brief idea on getting my new hit cap, trying to work out which piece to reforge to minimise over-cap hit, plenty of maths for me to do tomorrow. Need to replace my 277 gloves due to cloth, dammit. And the mail gloves didn't drop in ICC this week, so looks like I will need to get the 264 mail emblem gloves for now, the one with sp haste crit, can reforge the crit into hit anyway.

Still need to decide if I want to give up all those yummy haste for mastery. As Totemspot suggest on haste only gear, should reforge haste into mastery, as we have lots if haste and no mastery (and apparently mastery could be a better stat than haste also), goodbye 1655 haste :(

Already checked into the gylphs I want (if someone already making them tomorrow), gems (I can cut them myself), got the leg enchants ready, so consumables wise I should be all ready for tomorrow.

Addon wise, looks like most of them will be broken tomorrow, lucky didn't have any raid tomorrow, but I surely hope they will be fixed by Thursday. Might need to look into some form of proc addon for Lava Surge though, but I am sure there will be one.

Even got half day off work tomorrow, should be interesting tomorrow :)

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